Boilers and water heaters provide the same basic function – heating water – but that’s where most comparisons end. In the early to mid-20th century, many residences still had what today would be considered boilers in some respects, but those have since been replaced with smaller water heaters which are sufficient for today’s homes and small businesses. But most commercial ventures use real boilers – large systems where heated water is used for many processes or heating applications, like boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

Boiler services are just one area where the professionals at Tropic Air have distinguished themselves since 1992, particularly with installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

Boiler Installation

The installation of commercial-grade boilers cannot be handled by a business owner. This is an extremely labor-intensive project that requires the sort of knowledge, experience, and the use of installation equipment and supplies that not all vendors have access to. And unlike a residential boiler system which can be installed in sometimes as little as a few hours, commercial boilers require significant planning and design, the pulling of permits, inspections, and other tasks that can take days, weeks, or even longer. For these reasons, we always recommend that customers seek out reputable contractors with experience in boiler services for large installation projects.

Boiler Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

Because of the complexities involved – working with high pressure and heated water, and units and equipment that could weigh several tons – cleaning, maintenance, and repair tasks for commercial boilers should only be undertaken by experienced contractors. While many companies have trained staff to handle simple maintenance chores, it’s always best to leave significant tasks to the professionals at Tropic Air.

Commercial Boilers Maintenance, and Repair

Part of what makes Tropic Air a preferred provider of boiler services in the Greater Toronto Area is educating customers about their options and helping them plan a system that will fit their needs. Some commercial business owners automatically assume the new system should be an upgraded version of what they already have, but we help clients understand the pros and cons and allow them to drive the project and make key decisions.

Working with commercial-grade boilers can be dangerous and time-consuming. If you’re a business owner, your goal is to generate profit and grow your business – so call us today, stop by our offices, or shoot us a quick email.

We’d be honored to handle your boiler services from installation to ongoing maintenance.

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