For private or business customers in need of low-med rise air conditioning and heating services, no contractor in the Greater Toronto Area is more experienced and trusted than Tropic Air.

Since 1992, we’ve provided installation, maintenance, and repair services for thousands of customers all facing the same problem – the need for a high-quality heating and air conditioning service at a reasonable price.

Performing low-med rise air conditioning and heating service present certain challenges that not every contractor can handle, such as dealing with potential high winds on a rooftop, transporting equipment, or dealing with other issues that may come up.


At Tropic Air, we’re honored to have thousands of satisfied customers, but our commitment to service, reasonable pricing, and custom solutions bring repeat business year after year.
In addition to high rise air conditioning and heating services, our highly trained staff regularly handles many other projects such as general heating and air conditioning, installation and repair of water heaters including tankless models, fireplace services, and will even tackle older “boiler” systems.

“We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time,” a company spokesman said recently. “But that would never happen unless we truly listen to the customer, and remember they’re driving the project. Too many contractors out there, especially in this climate, forget the project and budget belongs to someone else.”

Thanks to ongoing training and education, the professionals at Tropic Air are on top of the latest trends in technology and installation services and are happy to answer whatever questions come up.

For more information or to book a low-med rise heating and air conditioning service, call us @ (416) 492-7633, shoot us an email, or visit us in person.